Scarecrow Contest Entry

Scarecrow Contest Entry

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The Scarecrow Contest is open to all ages, businesses, organizations and groups. To participate, entrants must purchase "Scarecrow Contest" ticket and provide their name and email address.

Scarecrows must be on display by the required time.

Entry fee is $10 to cover administrative costs.



Scarecrows must be durable and able to stand up to sun, wind and very likely rain showers. Use care in choosing your materials. All decorations must be firmly attached to your scarecrow and then to the post. We recommend a 2 x 4 piece of lumber for the central body. A broomstick or 2 x 4 is recommended for the arms. We reserve the right to remove any entries that do not maintain their ability to be displayed.

All entries must be hand-made. As part of your display, be sure to make a sign with the name of your entry, and your family name, group, businesses or organization. Signs should be 8 1/2 x 11 landscape design. Any material may be used. A laminated paper sign is acceptable.

Raprager Family Farms is not responsible for damage to scarecrows.

No religious, political, or explicit content is allowed. We reserve the right to disqualify distasteful entries. If you are uncertain, feel free to contact us with questions.



The Minimum is 4 feet tall. The Maximum is 8 feet.

We recommend securing your post in a 5 gallon bucket with several inches of cement in the bottom. Scarecrows must be secured in a manner that they will not blow away and will not otherwise be a danger to or possibly cause injury to anyone. Owners are held solely responsible for the safety and security of their scarecrows.


Set up:

You must bring your scarecrow entry to Raprager Family Farm by September 15th. Only scarecrows delivered on time will be considered for judging.



Scarecrow entries will be displayed prominently for the duration of Fall Festival.

Each entry will display the instructions on how to vote online.

Each voter will be able to vote for their top 3 entries.



Winning entries will be announced on our final day of Fall Festival, Saturday, October 30th at 12pm. Winners will be contacted by phone or email if not present.

1st Prize: $500

2nd Prize: $250

3rd and 4th Prize: 4 annual passes to Raprager Family Farm



All scarecrows will be on display to the public Sept 25 to October 30.

Pick– up: Nov 1 to Nov 7.

Entries may be donated to the farm.

Raprager Family Farms is not responsible for damage to scarecrows.

The rules are subject to change at any time (without notice). By entering the scarecrow competition you confirm that you accept these rules.






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